Combine Your Dental Treatment

Combine your dental treatment!As leading participant of dental tourism British-Hungarian Medical Service offers you world class dental treatment  at reasonable prices!

Due to expansion of our businesses, we can now offer the same range of services in Battersea, SW London, as we do for our patients who travel to Budapest.

After many years of successfully treating patients in Hungary, we can now offer you consultations, dental treatment and aftercare in London.

It is always important to factor in the cost of flying and accommodation before deciding on whether to go to Hungary or London or to have a combined treatment.

If a patient only requires a smaller amount of work e.g. a few fillings and one implant, then it is not cost effective to travel to Budapest, as there will be a very little savings to be made.

If this is the case then the most optimum solution is to have your work carried out in London.

Even though our prices are a little more expensive in London than Budapest, you will find that it is still cheaper than most Irish or  U.K. dentists. You will easily save 30%.

We recommend clients who require a greater quantity of dental treatment  i.e. more than 5-6 crowns or 3-4 implants,  or for those who have more complex cases, they should travel to Budapest for their dental care and can save 50% of their dental cost this way.  Our surgery in Budapest has been welcoming clients from the UK and Ireland since 2005

In most cases, you will see the same dentists who have attended you in London.

Patients can now opt for combined treatment in both London and Budapest according to their preference and convenience.

Budapest price list
London price list