Dental Tourism

Budapest the capital of dental tourism

The principle behind dental tourism is all about looking for dental treatment outside your local healthcare service. Since EU expansion, Hungary has become the hot spot for dental tourism. In the past few years dental tourists visiting Budapest from the Republic of Ireland and the U.K  have boomed. However don't be under the illusion that dentistry in Hungary is a new thing. Even before E.U expansion dental tourism was a thriving business with many of the clients coming from Austria and Germany to make massive savings, because of this the town of Mosonmagyarovar in Hungary near Austria has the highest concentration of dentists in the world.

Dentistry and dental care as a part of it are successful provinces of the Hungarian health services.  
Over the past decade Hungarian dentists possess 40% in Europe’s and 10 % in the world’s dental tourism.
One more essential component for this success is that we offer world class facilities and latest dental technology at   far the cheapest prices.

 Within the whole European Union , in Hungary a traveller has only to pay one fifth to one tenth of the Union’s average costs because, the dental team’s costs are much lower  in this country.

BudapestBudapest has become a very attractive destination for dental tourism. The reason why you should opt for our expert dental treatment is because we have access to low-cost yet high-quality service. Dentists in Hungary are renowned for their international accreditations as well as membership of international organisations. Hungary boasts one of the best dental universities in the world with students from all over the world competing to get a place at the Semmelweis Orvostudományi Egyetem (Faculty of Dentistry of SOTE Medical University of Budapest, Hungary). You could argue that If you want to become the best lawyer you study at Harvard in America, if you want to become the best physician you study at Cambridge in England, if you want to become the best dentist then you study at Semmelweis Orvostudományi Egyetem. All the dentists that BHMS employ have graduated from the Semmelweis Orvostudományi Egyetem.

Dental tourism is now extremely popular thanks to the many low-cost airlines offering you cheap flights to Hungary. Thousands of Irish and British tourists have already travelled to Budapest to take full advantage of cost effective dental treatment. Despite the massive savings you stand to make by having your dental work carried out with BHMS, the quality we offer you is never compromised. At our clinic, all of your treatment is performed with the use of excellent materials accompanied by high standard and a world class service.

Public transport in Budapest

Tickets must be purchased at kiosks prior to travel and cost 320 HUF (approx £1), and are valid whatever the distance but each time a different method of transport is used, a new ticket MUST be punched (either on the bus or tram or at the entrance to the metro).  Inspectors often travel and will heavily fine commuters who do not have a validated ticket.

 A book of 10 tickets costs 3000 HUF
1650 HUF for a 24 hour pass
4150 HUF for a 72 hour pass

Pensioners aged 65 and over can travel free on all public transport, must have ID if questioned.

Dental Travel to BudapestDental treatment usually requires you to make phased visits lasting between 1 to 12 days in Budapest. Between your visits to the clinic whilst in Budapest, you will have plenty of time to explore the city at your leisure and enjoy all that it has to offer. The city has everything you would expect to find in a place of its size including awe-inspiring opera, ballet and classical concerts. Alternatively, if travelling is more your thing and if you want to go a bit further a field, our staff will be more than happy to point you in the right direction of sightseeing tours and excursions.

Budapest is just a short three-hour flight away from Ireland and two hours if travelling from London. Once you arrive, BHMS offers a free taxi service between the airport, the dental surgery and the Opera Garden Hotel & Apartments.