Professional Equipment and Products

We provide a high standard of expertise, and pay extra attention to detail, to make sure we can provide our clients the best service possible. Our trained staff will deliver clients with a qualified and personalised approach making sure each situation is treated individually.

We place a high emphasis on patient education, building close relationships with all our patients.

Our dental team are totally committed to working to post graduated training and we are constantly investing in new material & equipment to provide up to date dental care.

All our technicians are all highly qualified and are among Europe's top experts in their fields. 

Siemens Orthopos MultiplusOur State of the art digital technology in Budapest

  • Siemens ortophos Multiplus CD
  • Sirona Heliodent Vario
  • 3 Dimensional Dental CT Scan technology
  • Oral camera
  • European standard rated materials, instruments and technology
  • Superior dental technician team

Our State of the art digital technology in London

  • Cranex NovusFull digital technology
  • Sirona Orthophos2D/3D hybrid X-ray and CT unit
  • Superior laboratory support
  • European -standard rated materials, instruments, and technology

Up-To-Date Techniques

Real professional dental surgeries put a great emphasis on the standard of dental techniques as well. Therefore, our dental surgery works together with partners who are able to keep up with the latest technological and methodological developments and work at a very high standard.

We believe in the strength of a well-knit teamwork in order to make patients satisfied.

"The laboratory is a spacious workplace of high standard with well-equipped modern Western-European instruments and appliances.

The basis of our work and development is our confession: professional perfection.

Our most important point of view is that only high quality replacement can be put into human organism..."